It's a competitive world out there. To beat the heat, you need to know much more and most up to date info about the market numbers, than your rivals. And in such situation, if you're not making use of the excellent tools available online, you ought to be left out way behind the world. It's an era of online marketing. I'm sure you won't quote me wrong if I say, "To be a great businessman in today's time, all you need to know is, how to use which tool where? That's it! Isn't that so easy!!

I know the competition still remains tough, but this tool makes it a lot easy to handle. I'm talking about the Google Insights. A great tool to give you an insight knowledge about who is looking for what; where; how much and when. Its like having your market researchers spread across the world on the click on a button! Well that's Google!! Simplifying things and making your life easy.

With this tool you can know all about a specific keyword, or a set of keywords by graphing the information based on web, images, news or products. You can also get the data within specified time frame and categories. That's not all! It gives you the requested information for the related keywords also.

Well that's a brief about this exciting tool. I'm sure you've already started trying your hands on it. But hang on! Allow me to highlight just a few more features of this tool.

  • Get the data with region, time range and category filters.
  • Analyze search keyword favored across regions, categories, and time frames.
  • Get related news headlines.
  • Get results in clear graph and map presentation.
  • Export and download data in .CSV format.

Rest, I'll leave them for you to find out!! Just make sure you share the findings with me too.. :-D

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