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Scroll Image within a DIV tag with CSS
How to Scroll Image within a DIV tag with CSS. Preview and download the code form codepen.
HowTo: Find all links on a page with PHP
While working on a project, I needed to find all links on a given page. This code will list all links specified in an anchor tag on a given page URL.
PHP - Flatten or Merge a Multidimensional Array
Here's a code snippet to flatten or merge multidimensional array. This is useful when we need to find if a value exists in any of the nodes in a multidimensional array.
How-To: Copy current directory path in Terminal
While working on multiple projects I always need to copy the current path of a directory in Terminal. I used to use the command pwd in the terminal which prints the current directory path in the
How-to: Get Current Url in PHP with or without Query String
In each PHP website, we need to find out the current URL of the page and here's the PHP code to find out the current URL of the page a user is browsing with or without the query string.
How-To: Create Easy Element Toggles with Data Attributes and jQuery.
While working on my latest WordPress plugin, I found myself using jQuery toggleClass on multiple elements and writing JS code for each was not at all a better solution. To fix this issue and keep
Sending email takes a long time on NGINX? Here's how to fix
I've recently switched our servers from Apache to NGINX. While testing our WP Form Builder Add-on, I found that my web server took pretty long time for the mail function to process, however, on the
Expand Images to parent DIV with jQuery and CSS
Working on a WordPress project where client demands all images within a post should extend and touch window borders, actually full-size images. The wrapper has a margin of 20px on both sides and it is
How-To: Create a Cron Job to start MySQL if it Stops
Sometimes server acts weird and stops some services due to any issue. I faced this issue with my CSSJockey.net WordPress demo sites server, where MySQL service stops after running the clean
How to create an easy to remember but super-strong password
Today we spend most of our time online, either on our personal computers, office work-station and most of the times on mobile phones. Today there's a web or mobile app for almost everything and
WordPress crashed while updating plugins?
Recently I was updating my plugins on my local server and somehow the page got refreshed and my WordPress installation got stuck at the following message:
Pure CSS Authentication Forms
Today's freebie is pure CSS authentication forms. I've been working on a project and created these forms in HTML and CSS so why not share the code. The zip file includes login form, register form