As a developer, I have been using Mozilla Firefox for a long time due to its wide range of extension of development friendly environment. But there is not a single day, when I didn’t see Firefox crashing, those long waiting cursors and slow start ups.

Then I finally had to look for another choice, and there couldn’t be any better browser than Google Chrome, fast startup, wide range of extensions, lightweight and minimal design; everything I was looking for. It’s been a long time since I have seen any browser crash. The main and most important reason for me to stick to the Mozilla Firefox was, it’s web development friendly extension, but now I see them all in Chrome and that’s what makes me to love Google Chrome.

Extensions are not the only reason I switched to Google Chrome, as of now it supports the maximum elements of HTML5 and CSS3. However you will have to add -webkit- prefix to your project stylesheet to support new styles e.g. animation, transition, keyframes etc. Apart from that Google Chrome also supports the web GUI rendering which makes your web browsing more rich and enhanced and if you are on Mac OS, you will see a wide range of trackpad gestures for navigating in Chrome.

If you are also teased of crashing and slow start up problems in Firefox, you must check out Google Chrome. The fastest web browser ever!