Over the past few years, Internet has evolved as a gigantic bazaar. Everybody here has some sort of business, whether it’s big or small. Be it buying or selling goods or services, or merely sharing information/knowledge, everybody is into marketing something. It’s not just another lounge it’s much more than a silicon city. In pursuance of his or her business, everyone works under the umbrella called Brand. I’m sure the term brand doesn’t sound alien to you. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you would have at least had a single encounter with a brand in your lifetime. Simply put, a brand is a specific name, symbol, logo, design, or a combination just like a stamp, a trademark or in our case, a website.

In spite of this, what makes it so special is what it carries as companion. It is not merely the name of the business or solitary behind a brand, it is a backpack of promises to the consumer and the sum of its potential experiences and perceptions. These are the main elements that go in the making of a brand and this is what we call Branding. Branding is the process or set of steps undertaken in order to make consumers dream, think, eat, sleep, and most of all, believe in a brand.

So much said, it must be clear that branding is of major significance to any business/solitary, who is involved with making a presence, whether it’s online, or offline. Having a brand is like standing out in the crowd and, what makes a brand outstanding is, its branding techniques. There are numerous branding approaches to choose. However, if you are here to make an online presence, there’s one means that encompass mostly all approaches effectively giving your brand an enormous exposure.

If your guess is a Website, give yourself a tap on your back, you deserve it! That’s right it’s your website that can help you strengthen your brand in all aspects while reaching out to millions and millions of users across the globe. I’m sure you don’t really need an explanation on how can a website help you in branding. Yet, the question that everybody needs to be engrossed in is, why it is so crucial for your business/personal website to be outstanding and what all it needs to be composed of to be counted upon as your brand or you.

Why Should Your Website be Outstanding?

Let me ask you a simple question, why do you have a name or, why does anybody have a name? To be known, called with, or just have an identity. So if your name is your identity, what is your surname? It’s the representation of your society, family, culture and foremost, your parents, your makers, or may be even more. Now how many people do you know, who have their first name John? I bet, a lot, just like, there’s a person, with the name starting or ending with Ram, under every brick, in India. No offense intended, please. Nevertheless, there’s only one John Travolta, the world knows mostly.

Now let’s assume, there happens to be another person who has the exact same name and if the infamous John Travolta appears on a movie, you can tell the difference. Of course, yes! Despite, may we ask, why? Because, he is a brand of his work, his skill, his industry. Similarly, your product may be the same as another company’s/person’s, and so can be your website’s design, content, logo, or even the visual effects, but there’s no guarantee that a user will remember you over your look-alike or competitor, for the simple reason, that your brand failed to mark an impression on his/her mind. Eventually, you end up losing your business.

I hope this clears the ambiguity that websites don’t need a lot of investment as part of your marketing/branding strategy. So, if you’re in the process making a website for yourself/business, I hope you have considered this carefully for your brand. In my upcoming posts, I will try to cover more aspects of branding approaches online.

At last, like I always say, feel free to contact me for any queries or any way that I may be helpful for you.